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Why Insert an Object into Excel?

Files of different formats like pdf, graph, power point presentations, project, etc. can be attached to Excel itself. This allows the user to get more information and referencing the file also without having open many programs.

In staffing industry, recruiters often talk to the consultants for their requirements, who are searching for a job and get their personal/technical details along with the consultant's resume. Then they store all personal and technical details in excel along with the resume and they send it to their accounts manager. The accounts manager is able to see all information (resume and other details) about a candidate in excel itself. This section explains about how to insert or embed an object, (here in this case it is a doc file) into excel.

Steps to Insert a File into Excel

  • Store the resume in some location.
  • Open Excel. Click tab Insert. Navigate to group Text and click the object ICON, which is in SQUARE shape.
  • In the new screen OBJECT that opened, there are two tabs: CREATE NEW and CREATE FROM FILE.
  • Since we want to embed an already placed object, click CREATE FROM FILE.
  • Click the check box DISPLAY AS ICON. When the object is embedded in Excel, this file will appear small and will look like an icon.
  • Click the check box LINK TO FILE.
  • Browse the resume stored in that location.
  • Click OK and Resume is embedded in your excel.
How to Embed/Insert Objects in Excel 2013
How to Embed Objects in Excel

What else can be Embedded into Excel?

In create new tab, you can see objects like adobe acrobat document, adobe acrobat pdfxml document, adobe acrobat security settings document, bitmap image, Microsoft equation 3.0, Microsoft graph 3.0, Microsoft graph chart, Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint 97-2003 slide, Microsoft PowerPoint micro enabled presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint macro-enabled slide, Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, Microsoft PowerPoint slide, Microsoft project document, Microsoft Visio drawing, Microsoft word 97-2003 document, Microsoft word document, Microsoft word macro-enabled document, open document presentation, open document text, organization chart add-in for Microsoft office programs, package, package, WordPad document. The all these objects can be also embedded in Excel.

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