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IT Overview

Information Technology (IT) is a term that encompasses the methods and techniques revolving around processing "Information" efficiently and effectively. IT defines both software and hardware, which automates the clerical, administrative, management tasks and helps an organization to achieve its goals quickly and precisely. This includes all information related to planning, installation, design, development, implementation of computer systems and applications.


The programs and instructions that direct the computer to do the required tasks.

  • System Software: A complicated computer program that controls various operations of a computer. Examples are operating system software, utility programs etc.
  • Application Software: A computer program specially designed to perform a specific task. Examples are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel etc.


All parts (physical parts) that make up a computer system. The software installed on the systems enables the information to be processed and used upon request.

  • What is a CPU? CPU is the abbreviation for Central Processing Unit - A processor(microchip) which is installed on a computer motherboard. CPU is an important component of a computer which acts like a computer's brain and does most of the data processing, Input/Output operations; Interprets, controls and integrates all the hardware components lying within the computer.
  • What is a Peripheral Device? A hardware device that can be connected to a computer to facilitate more functionality. Examples are printer, modem, keyboard, mouse etc.