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Oracle 12c Installed Products

On successful Installation of Oracle 12c, you can see the following products under Start/Programs/Oracle-OraDB12Home2.

  • Application Development:
    • Oracle ODBC help
    • Oracle Provider for OLE DB
    • Sql Plus
    • SQL Developer(Download it and install it, since it is very useful for a developer.
  • Configuration and Migration Tools:
    • Administration Assistant for Windows
    • Data Migration Assistant for Unicode
    • Database Upgrade Assistant
    • Locale Builder
    • Microsoft ODBC Administrator
    • Net Configuration Assistant
    • Net Manager
    • Update Password for Oracle Home
    • Database Configuration Assistant
  • Integrated Management Tools:
    • Wallet Manager
  • Oracle Installation Products:
    • Universal Installer
Oracle Installed Products
Oracle Installed Products

How to create a database in Oracle 12c?

  • Click start/all programs and click oracle program.
  • Click Database Configuration Assistant. You can see that below oracle/configuration and migration tools.
  • A new screen will open.

Step1: Database Operation: Choose Create Database

Oracle Database Creation Steps

Step2: Creation Mode

Oracle Database Creation Steps

Global Database Name: < Enter your Database Name >

Administrative Password: < Enter your Administrative Password >

Confirm Password: < Confirm your Password >

Window_oracle_user Password: < Enter your Administrative Password >

You can see from our snapshot that we have entered itoverview as the global database name.

Step3: Prerequisite Checks (Oracle is checking the perquisites)

Step4: Summary

DURING THIS PROCESS, YOU WILL KNOW ABOUT .RSP file for database. Save that file, this gives you handy information about what Oracle will do to create a database and data entered by you.

Step5: Progress Page

Oracle Database Creation Steps

After the database creation is completed, oracle displays the summary of the database.

Step6: Database Completion Properties

Oracle Database Creation Steps

Note the URL present EM Database Express URL: Definition: EM Database Express means: Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express, also referred to as EM Express, is a web-based tool for managing Oracle Database 12c. Built inside the database server, it offers support for basic administrative tasks such as storage and user management, and provides comprehensive solutions for performance diagnostics and tuning.

Click the password management button.

Step7: Password Management

Oracle Database Creation Steps

You can see the accounts locked. Uncheck that TICK MARK. You can set the passwords for system, sys and other users that you are interested. Assigning passwords for SYS and SYSTEM will help you to login to Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Express, referred to as EM Express.

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