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What is a Server?

Server is a high-end computer, linked by other computers (clients) and provides services to computer programs residing on it or in other computers. In a typical server, an operating system, database software, client applications software etc., are installed and applications are implemented according to the business requirements. The server respond to requests from the clients and thus the hardware and the software drive the server. HP, Apple, IBM, Dell, Toshiba, Gateway are some of the leading companies manufacturing server and they have different server models based on the operating systems and processors.

Few Server Classifications

  • Database Server: A server that stores and manages data which are accessed by several client applications over a computer network.
  • Network Server: A server on network that manages traffic.
  • File Server: A server on network used to store files.
  • Print Server: A server on network that manages printing.
  • Fax Server: A server on network that manages faxing.
  • Mail Server: A server on network that manages email.
  • Web Server: A server that processes user requests sent through a web browser(Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE, Opera etc.) and sends the output over the internet.