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What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is a process to deliver quality results by avoiding erroneous software development. Throughout the entire life cycle of software development, developers may encounter errors, defects, bugs etc., and try to debug & correct them using various testing techniques. Thus testing establishes correctness and completeness of the software developed. Compatibility Testing, Functionality and Regression Testing, Load, Stress Testing, Performance Testing are the different types of testing that are involved in software testing life cycle (STLC).

Black Box Testing

This is also known as behavioral, functional, opaque-box, and closed box testing. This is a type of testing where input and output of the software is already known and the internal components of the software being tested are not examined. In other words, Black Box Testing concentrates on functional requirements of an application software.

White Box Testing

This is also known as clear box, glass box, and structural testing and in contrast to Black Box Testing, White Box Testing focuses on structure and it requires specific knowledge of programming code to examine outputs.

Testing can be done manually (manual testing) or automatically (automated testing) by using tools.

Testing Software & Vendors

Software Vendors
Mercury Win Runner/Load Runner/Mercury Business Process Testing Mercury
Compuware Application Reliability Solution(CARS) Compuware
IBM Rational IBM
SilkTest Segue Software

Other vendors like Telelogic, Keynote Systems, Borland, Klockwork and Radview Software also play a key role in developing software for testing environment.