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Why Set Password?

For security purpose and privacy reasons, you may set the password for your excel workbook or excel worksheet. You can allocate privileges also if you want to restrict the access to your files.

To set new passwords for the workbook in excel 2013

  • A new screen ENCRYPT DOCUMENT POPS UP (Step 1 of 2): Type the password. Click ok.
  • A new screen CONFIRM PASSWORD POPS UP (Step 2 of 2): Retype the password. Click ok.
  • Protect Workbook color changes and indicates "A password is required to open this workbook".
  • Save the file.
  • Open the file. You can see a small screen, which asks for password. Type your password. Click ok. Your sheet is opened

Note: If you have forgotten or lost the password, then you cannot open the workbook.

Similarly you can protect worksheets by selecting FILE/INFO/PROTECT WORKBOOK (DROP DOWN LIST BOX)ArrowPROTECT WORK BOOKArrowPROTECT CURRENT SHEET option.

To delete/modify the password from the workbook

  • Click tab FILE/SAVE AS option. A new screen “SAVE AS” appears after you choose the selected location.
  • Adjacent to save button, you can see a DROP DOWN LIST BOX Tools. Click and select General Options.
  • Remove the password that you already typed from that screen.
  • Save the file.
  • When you open the file once again, it will not ask for password.
  • Similarly you can do the modify password in that options drop down list box, when we explained earlier in serial no.2.

Set or Delete Password in Excel 2013
Set or Delete Password in Excel 2013

How to add VBA (Visual Basic Applications) programming?

  • Go to File and click options. A new screen is opened.
  • Click customize ribbon.
  • On the right hand side, you can see a box with different main tabs.
  • Add Developer tab by clicking that check box against Developer. Click OK.
  • A new TAB Developer is added to your Excel 2013.
  • In Developer Tab, click the VB command button in CODE GROUP.
  • A new window Microsoft for visual basic applications is opened by which you have to do programming.

How to add POWER QUERY?

  • After closing Excel Workbook, You have to download and install POWER QUERY.
  • When you open the Excel Workbook once again, POWER QUERY TAB will be attached. Power Query is very useful in downloading external data and to get overview about POWER QUERY, please visit Power Query for Excel.

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